We live in a society where masculinity is being shredded. The core of the masculine heart that God put there is being disregarded and demeaned.

God created masculinity for His purpose to be a good thing – something so wonderful and powerful that the Designer of the universe deemed it essential. But our society treats masculinity as something to be ashamed of or to fear. If you don’t nurture healthy masculinity in a boy, he will try to find it some other way that is unhealthy. His biggest question is this: do I have what it takes to be a man?

We need a return to common sense! We need to celebrate God’s wonderful creation of male and female, masculinity and femininity. We need healthy, intact families to accomplish this mission.

We have to turn this ship around! And we really need your help to do it.

Prayerfully consider supporting us in this endeavor. 



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