Purpose With A Passion

by | Jun 21, 2022

How many of us can HONESTLY say we are passionate about what we do for a living? I’m going to guess that the large majority of us most likely have a career that we are not necessarily passionate about,  but it pays the bills, it offers insurance, and it puts food on the table. I’m going to guess that money is the number one driving force that convinces someone that they have found their passion….the more zeroes in the salary defines how successful one might be, and even further might define how happy they might be. But, what if SUCCESS goes far deeper than our bank accounts, our promotions, or our homes, toys, and vacations?

Does your career make you come alive? Does it make you come alive in such a way that you cannot even put into words how it makes you feel?

I’ve been working the same job for 20 years. And, though I LOVE my patients, the job itself is nothing I can say I am passionate about anymore. It has  become so routine, robotic, and like I’m on autopilot most days that I have trouble experiencing any sort of passion. I watch as my husband experiences that kind of passion…knowing beyond certainty that he’s doing EXACTLY what God has called him to do. He is so passionate about his “job,” that it really isn’t even a “job” to him. It’s a gift.

I experienced that recently. As most of you know, if you read my Facebook, you know I had the privilege, blessing, and honor, to be on a stage with Brent speaking about God, trials, perseverance, forgiveness, and boundaries. I even got on that stage in front of so many individuals, under the spotlight with coffee stains all down the front of me, and I remained calm. I was NOT prepared. I hadn’t even thought about what I was going to say, and God totally gave me the words to speak. For the first time, in I can’t even remember how long, I felt alive. I did something that opened up all my senses and it gave me purpose with a PASSION!! This is what I need to be doing more of and I pray fervently that God is preparing that path for me. Because I DO have a story to tell for His glory, and that is NOT arrogance.

Brent and I received such an amazing compliment on Crosspoints Facebook page, and it was this: “Can we talk about a #PowerCouple for a sec? These two are helping to open doors to freedom for people on a consistent basis!”



Stacy Henderson

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