A Word On A Bracelet

by | Jul 1, 2022

When God is at work, you can be sure the enemy is too.

It’s easy to lose all hope and faith when we are bleeding out on the battlefield. We lose ourselves while dwelling on the circumstances because that is what our flesh feels. Our circumstances are tangible. We often wonder where God even is if He is supposed to be this Almighty and Powerful God. We have somehow convinced ourselves that He’s there hiding behind the curtain. We can find ourselves begging Him to reveal Himself and give us what we want. What we think our flesh needs. The answers are never immediate, and the timing is never ours, and that is frustrating.

But, it’s through all that testing and yuck, that God is working in bigger ways than you and I could ever imagine.

There will come a day where it all will make sense and that word faith won’t just be a word on a bracelet. It will be your testimony.



Stacy Henderson

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